Food Toxicology

Food safety and toxicology

Food can contain a large number of natural, chemical and synthetic toxic compounds that if consumed can present a food safety problem with immense negative effect.1 Food safety and toxicology is concerned with the use of scientific techniques in assessing the presence of these toxic compounds in food and their detrimental effects on living systems.2,3

Some of these toxic compounds can be naturally found in food as toxins (e.g., micro-organisms) or deliberately added to food during processing as dyes, preservatives etc.2 Other substances however, can be accidentally present themselves in food as a result of environmental pollution (metals, pesticide residue, drugs, industrial waste etc.), packaging material or contaminants originating with processing machinery.3,4

Currently, as the food industry and supply chain continue to become more multinational in nature, any contamination can cause serious, irreparable and widespread adverse health effects.4,5,6

This highlights the urgent need for regular testing of food before entering the food chain.

Food safety and toxicology from CSI International Ltd

CSI Laboratory Ltd is your all-in-one consultant laboratory for your Food safety and toxicology analysis. We have our presence in Nairobi, Kenya. Our laboratory, accredited by the Kenya Accreditation Service (Laboratory Number: KENAS/TL/48), has a well-equipped chemistry and microbial testing laboratory with the latest analytical techniques and experienced technical team able to effectively assess the presence of toxic compounds - such as (microorganisms, metals, pesticide residue, drugs and industrial chemicals) - in food meant for domestic and commercial consumption.

In addition to this, since novel foods must also undergo analysis to provide relevant data on the composition, uses and consumption before approval by relevant regulatory body; we extend our services to novel food analysis meant for regulatory approval purposes. To ensure that trade continues, we as well provide food safety and toxicology analysis services for export-import licenses issuance and advice accordingly depending on different target market regulations.

We aim to provide our unwavering support in Kenya and across the world.

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