Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Audit (EA)


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool designed to identify and predict the implications of a project or an organization’s activities on the bio-geophysical environment and on human health prior to execution. EIA relays information about the impact and process alternatives, while also providing solutions to mitigate potential negative effects on man and the environment. An Environmental Audit (EA) on the other hand is a management tool used by the industry to evaluate its environmental performance. These assessments guarantee to the clients that their proposed projects or processes are compliant with regulatory requirements and are crucial during the licensing and permitting phase of proposed projects.

CSI International has NEMA registered and experienced environmental audit experts and consultants. Our team offers impact assessments and technical reports, and advice on environmental issues ranging from license acquisition, project planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Our experts employ the Best Available Techniques, Best Environmental Practice, international standards and the scientific method to predict the impacts from proposed projects or organization processes on the environment. Our consultants are up to date with regulatory changes and requirements and are best suited to meet client needs and expectations.

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