Air Quality Monitoring (Stack Emission and Ambient Air Assessment)


CSI International Limited is NEMA designated and accredited by KENAS to carry out air quality monitoring according to local and international standards. Emissions from Boilers, generators, Incinerators, Burners, Asphalt Plants, Sulphonation Plants, and several other industrial processes emit pollutants that are either gaseous or particulates into the environment. These emissions compromise the air quality, potentially have detrimental health effects, and are regulated both locally and internationally. CSI has both the technical and instrumental capability to carry out such assessments as per the regulatory requirements. For public and workers' safety, the regulatory bodies, NEMA and DOSHS, require periodic measurement of these pollutants' levels to ensure they are below the set limits. In cases of non-conformance, that is, the emission levels exceed the set limits. Our technical and consultancy team can propose abatement procedures on a case-by-case basing depending on the pollutants in consideration.

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